Outstanding copper metal mesh technology

Copper Metal Mesh Touchsensor

Using a Roll-to-Roll production process, VTS-Touchsensor Co., Ltd. fabricates copper metal mesh sensors for projected capacitive touch applications with high resolution and high conductivity.

The fine metal grid is patterned on a transparent film that is easily laminated to any type of cover lens material and shape, including curved and plastic cover lenses.



The high conductivity of VTS´ touch sensors enables active pen functionality, large size application, glove functionality and superior touch performance.  Furthermore, the metal mesh technology supports flexible, foldable and curved applications, as well as touch functions in areas outside of display (e.g. housing), due to bendable/flexible design.

High conductivity

VTS touchsensor at a glance

  • Best-in-class line metal mesh width (3µm)
  • Active stylus functionality (Microsoft, Wacom)
  • Customized design
  • Narrow borders
  • Flexible and curved application possible
  • Inmold labeling capable
  • 3D Design


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