High reliable, sunlight readable display solutions

VIA's unique optical bonding

Unique optical bonding display solutions and copper metal mesh touch sensor technology, as well as overall display and system know-how, enables VIA to provide interactive display solutions and systems from small to large size.

This includes displays in multiple form factors: curved cover lenses, dual or multiple displays bonded to one cover lens, and capability to work with any cover lens material including glass, PMMA or PC.

VIA customized display solutions and systems are developed and produced to enable integration into newly developed or existing environments.

Superb sunlight readability

VIA optronics key features are supported by production capabilities for touch panel, backlight units and mechanical parts to provide a broad product portfolio ranging from Touch Panel Assemblies, LCD-Touch Assemblies, to Display Head Assemblies (DHA) and Hinge-Up Monitors.


And with our modern production sites in Germany, China and Japan, we have the ability to meet customers’ specific requirements with regards to design, volume and manufacturing location. Our flexible production lines can provide solutions for a wide range of display screen sizes up to 100 inches.  


Our bonding facilities are equipped with manual, semi-automated and fully automated production lines capable of handling various production volumes, from specialized small-batch runs to high volume production. We leverage our customized equipment and manufacturing know-how to quickly clean, re-tool and ramp up our production lines to maximize utilization.


Key Features of VIA optronics´s display solutions and systems

  • High reliability
  • Excellent sunlight readability
  • Outstanding touch function