Excellent thermal management properties

Cavity-fill process
  • Using a special cavity-fill process to fill the internal cavity of the camera module with thermal conductive material
  • Provides efficient thermal binding with the electronic components to the enclosure acting as a heat-sink
  • Results show 8 deg C temperature difference between junction temperature of the image sensor and the outside enclosure. Compared with non-cavity-filled camera designs, the temperature difference show double-digit deg C results.
  • Efficient thermal binding enables operation at higher temperatures

6-axis Active Focus and Alignment Station

6-axis manipulator

Active Alignment

Alignment station uses a 6-axis manipulator (30nm per step resolution) to adjust the Image sensor PCB relative to the lens and front housing in order to find the optimal focus position of the image on the image sensor.

6-axis manipulator


  • Internally designed system allows flexibility in changeover between camera modules for faster turnaround time
  • Centers the image on the sensor
  • Ensures optimal focus across the entire image for maximum image quality
  • Minimizes yield loss due to misalignment of lens and sensor
  • Maximizes throughput