Proprietary silicone bonding material

Proprietary silicone

VIA bond plus is our proprietary inorganic silicone-based optical bonding material used for all of our bonding applications. VIA bond plus supports long lasting, optically enhanced and sunlight readable display solutions. It enables slim product design as well as flexible applications on bendable, foldable and curved display surfaces. 

Compared to other optical bonding materials like acrylates or epoxies, VIA bond plus offers the following advantages

  • Clear, transparent and non-yellowing
  • Anti-reflective (<1% reflective loss)
  • Fully reworkable (production and field)
  • Non-shrinking (<0.1%)
  • High adhesion
  • No external activators required; self-curing
  • High stability at extreme temperatures
  • High e-modulus stability
  • Adjustable hardness
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly