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VIA optronics is a successful, dynamic, fast developing company with international presence. We have production sites in Germany, China and Japan, global sales offices including Taiwan and the US and a global R&D team based in Germany, China, Japan and the Philippines.

As leading provider of interactive display solutions including displays, touch screens, optical bonding, cameras and computing platforms, VIA optronics, with more than 700 employees (m/f/d) worldwide, develops and produces products and solutions for industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics markets.

In the course of our continuous growth and to strengthening our team in Suzhou, China, we search for talents for the following open positions:

R&D Manager 研发经理


  • 组织和管理亚太区研发部部门的日常工作,达成部门及个人绩效目标Organize and manage Asia Pacific R&D department's daily work, to achieve the department &individual performance goals
  • 组织新技术和新产品开发,指导审核技术方案研发,监督项目整体进度与质量New technology and product development, guide audit research and development of technical solutions, supervision and overall project progress and quality
  • 推展公司策略性开发项目Promote strategic development projects
  • 重大技术问题的处理与决策,以及新技术方案的制度与实施Important technical problems of processing and decision-making, as well as new technology scheme and system implementation
  • 研发团队的培训和发展R&D team's training and development
  • 亚太区管理团队成员,参与亚太区组织管理Asia team management, participate Asia organization and management
  • 负责编列和实施亚太区研发年度预算Responsible for annual budget implementation of R&D
  • 日常研发部门费用审核和批准R&D Daily cost check and approval
  • 部门成员绩效和晋升考核Department development and promotion performance


  • 本科以上学历bachelor or above
  • 电子或相关专业Degree in EE or other relevant subject
  • 优秀的沟通和推动能力,财务知识和项目管理经验,流利的英语读写能力Good ability of communication, financial knowledge and project management experience, fluent English in speaking, reading and writing skill
  • 具深厚的行业和技术背景,较强的技术和产品预判能力With industry and technical background, strong ability of forecasting techniques and products skills.
  • 10年以上工作经验,5年以上触控产品和光学贴合研发经验,并熟悉触控生产制程10 years’ work experience, more than 5 years touch products and optical joint research and development experience, and familiar with touch production process
  • 有建立开发团队和研发系统经验为佳 Have established the development team and R&D system experience is preferred
  • 极具创新精神,解决问题能力Highly innovative, problem solving ability
  • 丰富的部属培育及团队拓展经验Rich experience in subordinates cultivation and team development

We offer you the opportunity to be part of our growing international, professional team. Together we can shape the future within a dynamic environment and maintain our leadership position in a rapidly expanding market segment. If you are interested in this job opportunity, please send your detailed application indicating your salary expectations and earliest possible entry date to career@via-optronics.com.

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