We are living in a world of displays. Create your display world with VIA optronics.

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Digital signage at the airport. HMI in industrial applications. Interactive displays in cars or for IT devices. Different display applications require different technial solutions, characteristics, and designs.


VIA optronics is addressing these challenges by providing best-in-class interactive display solutions and systems that exceed quality and reliability standards for high demanding applications in industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets.


No matter how strong the sunlight or how harsh the environmental conditions, our interactive display systems with high-performing touch functionality deliver excellent sunlight viewability and robustness against the most challenging requirements, while minimizing power consumption. The enabling technologies to meet those challenging requirements include our proprietary silicon-based bonding material, or VIA bond plus, our patented optical bonding processes, or MaxVU™, and our metal mesh touch sensor technology. 

VIA optronics Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

From excellent optically bonded display solutions to fully customized interactive display systems.

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VIA optronics Applications


Highly reliable industrial automotive displays solutions or systems, high-volume consumer electronics applications.

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VIA optronics Technology


Unparalleled material and processes. Leading-edge optical bonding and metal mesh sensor technology.

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