VIA optronics - A Global Company

VIA optronics has production sites in Germany, China and Japan, as well as a research and development site in the Philippines. Besides, we also have sales offices in Taiwan and the USA. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, VIA optronics is a leading provider of enhanced display solutions for multiple end markets in which superior functionality or durability is a critical differentiating factor. Based on a proprietary and patented bonding technology.

Networking at Its Best

Internationality and global perspectives are important to us. Our approximately 800 employees over all locations are optimally networked. We cultivate an open corporate culture and focus on diversity.

With a strong partner network, we cover various end markets where superior functionality and durability are decisive criteria. Solutions for a brighter life.

VIA Optronics - Locations worldwide

Solutions for a brighter life.

Leading with Competence

Starting as a niche market player for display enhancement, VIA optronics has grown to become a global provider of display solutions and systems. Based on

  • unique optical bonding process technology and material competence,
  • copper metal mesh touch sensor design and manufacturing capability,
  • fully automated production
  • system integration know-how

VIA optronics can provide display and system level solutions for all markets.

Company Milestones

Starting with the foundation of VIA optronics GmbH in 2005 the remarkable journey began. Over the past years we achieved several astonishing milestones. See below some highlights of our history that have shaped our path in a special way.

Broadly Positioned

VIA optronics is built on a broad foundation. A number of individual companies are spread over several continents, so we know the different markets aclose quarters.
Intercultural working is a reality we live and appreciate every day.

VIA optronics – Solutions for a brighter life.

VIA optronics - Sophisticated Interactive Display Systems IDS

Sophisticated Interactive Display Systems

Our interactive display systems (IDS) make the difference. They combine system design, interactive displays, software functions, cameras and other hardware components and enable a wide range of system functions.

As a complete system solution provider, VIA optronics has decades of experience with materials, processes and displays. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with semi- and fully-automated production lines, sophisticated assembly processes and optimized quality control measures. At the same time, our flexible and modular design allows us a high degree of customization and makes us a one-stop-solution provider.

Whether for mirror replacement, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), camera management systems, or other applications in the automotive, industrial, or consumer markets - VIA has the technology and expertise to bring vision to reality.

Patented Optical Bonding Technology

Visualization is indispensable in many areas. High-quality displays are refined by optical bonding, they gain brilliance and stability. Thanks to our unique optical bonding technology and comprehensive material expertise, we can offer individual solutions for different markets.

The key to this is our patented optical bonding process in combination with specially developed proprietary material. Design and production of copper-based metal mesh touch sensors contribute to this, as do fully automated production capacities and our know-how in system integration.