Pioneering Display Solutions for Automotive from VIA optronics

Innovations in the automotive sector are determined by future-oriented electronic developments. They enable applications in the fields of telematics, communication and entertainment, for example. One trend is to integrate several displays into the car interior. This makes it possible to navigate quickly through complex menu trees and simplify the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

It is not only the number of displays in vehicles that is constantly increasing. Car manufacturers are also striving to combine previously separate control elements in a single touch display solution. This is suitable for temperature controls and stereo functions, for example.

Maximum Flexibility Thanks to Modern Technology

VIA optronics not only follows these trends, but also sets decisive new accents. Together with our customers, we develop innovative display solutions and display systems for navigation, instrument clusters, rear seat entertainment or infotainment. Also, for Curved Displays and Multiple Displays.

Our display solutions are based on our patented optical bonding process, a wide range of cover lens materials and our copper metal mesh touch sensor technology. Touch sensors based on this technology are characterized by their low resistance and low reflection. They support hover, gesture and proximity functions. This gives our customers maximum flexibility in display and interior design. Through our IATF 16949 certified quality management system, we ensure that the quality requirements of the automotive industry are met. This is how we give top priority to the satisfaction of our customers.

Interactive Display Systems for Automotive

VIA optronics has the in-house expertise for the decisive key technologies for the development of interactive display systems. We have extensive know-how and many years of experience, starting with display solutions with optical bonding and touch functions, through camera technology, to process development. This enables customised solutions with maximum design freedom.

Displays, Cameras and Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Our Interactive Display Systems (IDS) combine displays, cameras and central control elements. For example, our displays in the cockpit function as clusters and infotainment displays with touch functions for the driver and front passenger. As e-mirrors in combination with cameras, they replace exterior mirrors. The cameras for the exterior and interior also enable the functions surround view, front sensing, face recognition and driver monitoring.

All elements of such an overall system are controlled by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). All displays, camera modules and touch screens are connected to this electronic control unit. With drivers developed by VIA optronics, they impress with maximum performance. We also integrate functions such as hover and gesture recognition for touchscreens, glove compatibility or commercially available library elements at the customer's request. These enable additional applications, such as object recognition.

The Key Features of Our Display Solutions for Automotive Durable.

Flexible. Excellent Readability.

The modern display solutions from VIA optronics set new trends in the automotive sector. Our customers benefit from this. Our display solutions:

cover a wide temperature spectrum.

impress with their long product life.

impress with their excellent readability in sunlight.

offer maximum freedom in interior design.

enable hover, gesture, and proximity functions.