Innovative Display Solutions for Consumer Electronics

Light. Thin. Easy to read. These are some of the most important requirements that the consumer electronics sector places on modern displays. As a leading provider of innovative display solutions, VIA optronics offers customised solutions for notebooks, tablets and all-in-one PCs. This makes the product even more attractive for the end consumer.

Slim. Powerful. For Mobile Use.

Tablets and notebooks have long since overtaken stationary desktop solutions in the consumer market. They score points with their mobile use, even outdoors. However, this requires powerful displays. With their touch function, they must also be easy to read in sunlight and durable. A thin and light design is crucial. Accordingly, displays in consumer devices have changed a lot in the past ten years. Once bulky and space consuming, they are now slim and mostly frameless.

Optimized Solutions for New Technologies

New technologies such as flexible displays or curved displays have already conquered the markets in the CE sector. They enable even more robust, lighter and thinner display solutions and could even lead to groundbreaking developments such as transparent displays. When the need for portable devices and freely configurable designs meets innovative display technologies, optimized display solutions are in demand. This is where VIA optronics delivers.

For All Consumer Electronics Applications

VIA optronics' technology enables low-power display solutions for modern consumer applications. Unlike typical air-gap stack-ups, our solutions are thinner, more robust and significantly less reflective. VIA optronics uses high-performance, high-volume manufacturing equipment. With our flexible business model, we effectively manage an integrated supply chain. This enables a balance between volume and flexibility. For all types of consumer electronics applications.

Patented Technology

VIA optronics' high-performance display solutions are based on our patented optical bonding process, a wide range of cover lens materials and our copper metal mesh touch sensor technology. Touch sensors based on this technology are characterized by their low resistance and low reflection. Our display solutions are suitable for all consumer electronics applications. A wide variety of shapes and functions are possible according to our customers' requirements.

Thin. Light. On the Pulse of Time.

The Key Features of Our Display Solutions for Consumer Electronics

With our innovative display solutions, we accompany our customers on their way into a new era of consumer electronics. Modern technologies and robust materials enable display applications for highly satisfied end consumers. Our display solutions

convince with their slim and light design.

impress with their excellent readability in sunlight.

score with their outstanding touch functionality due to our copper metal mesh touch sensor technology.

are extremely energy-efficient.

are extremely durable.