Robust Display Solutions for Industrial Applications

Interactive displays are the windows of our digital world. The growing demand for user-friendly solutions for information and communication is increasing their use in the industrial sector as well.

Important Companions for Specialized Applications

It is hard to imagine sectors such as transport and logistics, heavy engineering, retail, education, finance, defense, aircraft electronics or marine applications in shipbuilding without modern display solutions.

Convincing examples of specialized applications in industry are cockpit displays in aircraft, heat-resistant displays for fire brigades and extremely robust displays for military and other industrial applications. Professional animation studios also rely on large touch-sensitive digital screens, for example. And touch displays are increasingly being used in classrooms. Furthermore, we encounter interactive display solutions every day as touch displays for electronic shop directories in shopping centers and digital advertising boards in and in front of banks.

High Performance under Extreme Conditions

Industrial applications place much higher demands on displays than are met by commercially available solutions. After all, in the industrial sector they often have to perform at their best under extreme conditions. The perfect functioning of our display solutions under high temperatures, in humid and dusty environments is a must for our customers. VIA optronics takes this into account with its robust user-friendly display solutions for industrial applications. They convince in every situation with their maximum performance and unconditionally withstand shocks, vibrations, condensation and other challenging external influences.

Interactive Display Systems for Industrial

VIA optronics' interactive display systems are not only perfectly suited for modern automotive applications, but also for other industrial applications. The basis for this is our comprehensive know-how and our many years of experience in the development of display applications. These range from optical bonding and touch functions to camera development and signal processing. VIA optronics has the decisive key technologies in-house for customised solutions with maximum design freedom.

Modern Technology for Industrial Applications

VIA optronics' display solutions are based on our patented optical bonding process, a wide range of cover lens materials and our copper metal mesh touch sensor technology. This guarantees top performance in the industry. Even under demanding conditions.

Displays, Cameras and Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Our Interactive Display Systems (IDS) combine displays, cameras, and central control elements. In the cockpits of commercial vehicles (e.g. trucks and construction machinery) and agricultural vehicles (such as harvesters and tractors) they function, for example, as clusters and information displays with touch functions.

In combination with cameras, they replace exterior mirrors as e-mirrors. In addition, the cameras enable functions like surround view, front sensing, face recognition as well as driver monitoring for exterior and interior applications. All elements of such an overall system are controlled by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Robust. Durable. Excellent Readability.

The Key Features of Our Display Solutions for Industrial

The user-friendly display solutions from VIA optronics convince with top performance in industrial applications. Even under difficult conditions. Our customers benefit from this.
Our display solutions

perform convincingly in a wide range of temperatures.

are resistant to shocks, vibrations, and moisture.

impress with their excellent readability in sunlight.

are extremely energy-efficient.

are extremely durable.