VIA optronics – A global company

Headquarter Nuremberg
Headquarters Nuremberg

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, VIA optronics maintains production facilities in Germany, China and Japan and through subsidiaries, operates sales offices in Taiwan and the United States.


The company is a leading provider of enhanced display solutions for multiple end markets in which superior functionality or durability is a critical differentiating factor. About 800 employees worldwide working on high-end products for our customers in the automotive, consumer electronics, industrial and specialized end markets.


Starting as a niche market player for display enhancement, VIA optronics has grown to become a global provider of display solutions and systems. Based on unique optical bonding process technology and material competence, copper metal mesh touch sensor design and manufacturing capability, fully automated production, and system integration know-how, VIA optronics can provide display and system level solutions for all markets.

VIA optronics – Interactive Display Systems

Interactive Display Systems
Display with touch function

Leveraging over 20 years of material, process and display experience, and being on the leading edge of technological innovation, VIA optronics is a one-stop solution provider of interactive display solutions and systems by combining system design, interactive displays, software functionality and other hardware components.




Our Interactive Display Systems (IDS) unite interactive displays (displays including user interface, e.g., touch) with “see and sense” devices such as cameras, using processing units in between to enable system function. Whether for Mirror Replacement, Driver Monitoring Systems, Camera Management Systems, or other applications in the automotive, industrial, or consumer markets, VIA has the technology and expertise to bring your vision to reality.

VIA optronics – Optical Bonding Solutions

optical bonding solutions
Optical bonding in Germany and China

VIA optronics is a technological market leader for optical bonding and can provide optical bonding solutions for all types of display, touch panel and cover lens combinations including curved and plastic surfaces, ranging from small to large size applications.





With production sites in Germany and China, and having semi and fully automated optical bonding capacity, VIA optronics balances volume and flexibility for all kinds of displays from the smallest (e.g., 1”) up to unlimited diagonal size (e.g., 84” and larger).