Outstanding industrial applications

Application for avionics

Transportation, heavy machinery, digital signage, avionics and marine. These are just a few examples of industrial applications that have more demanding requirements than off-the-shelf displays can typically meet. Displays in industrial applications often have to operate under extreme conditions such as high temperature, moisture, or in dusty environments.

Application for digital signage

VIA optronics´s interactive display solutions and systems meet the requirements and deliver robust performance in every situation, resisting conditions such as shock, vibration, condensation and other challenging environmental factors. Our industrial/specialized applications include avionics and marine instrumentation, agricultural combines, digital signage, interactive conference room displays, industrial robotics and defense applications.

VIA optronics industrial applications

  • Perform under a broad temperature range
  • Resist shock, vibration, and moisture
  • Outstanding sunlight readability
  • Low power consumption
  • Long lifespan