MaxVU™ - patented optical bonding process

MaxVU™ is VIA optronics´s patented optical bonding process, also known as dry bonding or hybrid bonding. With this process the VIA bond plus material is applied to either the touch panel or the cover lens, pre-cured to form a soft, jelly-like layer, and afterwards laminated to the LCD.


The pre-curing process is independent of any specific pre-curing mechanism, and works under room temperature conditions. The optical bonding process is performed without applying any mechanical force, and is therefore suitable for all types of displays, including mura-sensitive displays.


Fully automated process

The high yielding process accommodates both low- and high-volume applications by using manual, semi-automated or fully automated processes and equipment and is customized by using product-specific tooling.


All MaxVU™ processes - in combination with VIA bond plus material - work without the need for any external activation like UV light, and therefore enable precise control of curing time for the VIA bond plus to fully self-cure.

VIA optronics’ patented, proprietary bonding process ensures

  • Reduced internal reflection
  • Superior control of bond line thickness and tolerances
  • Very thin bond lines meeting market requirements of ultra slim applications
  • Fully re-workable (production and field)
  • High process/production yield
  • Prevention of optical side effects like glow marks, mura an other potential visual LCD defects and artifacts
  • Longer battery life