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SUNRISE | An innovative cockpit concept

Watch the teaser of our unveiling event for our new demonstrator: SUNRISE

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Dr. Jasmin Wagner is our new CMO

Read more about the return of Dr. Jasmin Wagner to VIA optronics.

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Roland Chochoiek New CEO of VIA optronics

Roland Chochoiek is our new CEO

Learn more about our latest changes in the Management Board.

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VIA optronics and Antolin Cooperation - Cockpit of the Future

VIA x Antolin - Strategic partnership

Learn more about our strategic collaboration with Antolin.

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Automated Optical Bonding line in China

Optical Bonding @ VIA Suzhou

Learn more about our subsidiary in China and their optical bonding line.

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Optical bonding material dispensed on a large display

Optical Bonding @ VIA Headquarters

Learn more about our history and optical bonding at our headquarters in Nuremberg.

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Copper Metal Mesh Touchsensors @ VTS Touchsensor Co., Ltd.

Learn more about our subsidiary VTS Touchsensor Co., Ltd. In Japan and our in-house Copper Metal Mesh Touchsensors.

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New Quality Section at our Website

Learn more about the Quality Management from VIA optronics.

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