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Roland Chochoiek VIA optronics

New CMO at VIA optronics

VIA optronics appoints Roland Chochoiek as new CMO

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Screenshot of new website

New website is live

VIA optronics has fundamentally revised its website

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VIA optronics External Newsletter

Launch of Company Newsletter

VIA optronics has introduced a Company Newsletter

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New Website sneak peek

New Website loading…

VIA optronics is relaunching its website

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VIA Team at embedded world 2022

Embedded world 2022 Post Show

VIA optronics thanks everyone for joining us at embedded world 2022.

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Interactive Display System in a vehicle

Experience our Optical Bonding expertise

Learn more about our Optical Bonding expertise at embedded world 2022

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VIA's industries

VIA's industries

VIA optronics offers technologies and products for high-end applications in the Automotive, Industrial and Consumer Electronics sector

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Over 200 Employees at Headquarters in Nuremberg

Over 200 Employees at our Headquarters in Nuremberg

As part of its growth, VIA optronics now has more than 200 employees at its Nuremberg headquarters

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Booth with Interactive Display Systems at Display Week 2022

Display Week 2022 Post Show

Display Week 2022 was a success. We are full of enthusiasm and feel energized by the positive feedback and the numerous visitors at our booth.

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