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Bendable Copper Metal Mesh Touchsensor

???? Discover our Outstanding Copper Metal Mesh Touch Sensors

VTS Touchsensor Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of VIA optronics in Japan is known for their outstanding Copper Metal Mesh Touch Sensors. Established in 2018, VTS Touchsensor Co., Ltd., is offering high bendability, flexibility, and conductivity for an array of cutting-edge applications!
This is why the technology supports flat, curved and flexible displays and enables pen and glove operation. Slim bezels, tactile surface haptics, multi touch and oversized touchscreens are easily possible.

???? Key Benefits:

✅ High Bendability and Flexibility: Our Copper Metal Mesh Touch Sensors provides exceptional bendability and flexibility for curved or foldable applications, without compromising on touch sensitivity or durability.

✅ Unmatched Design Freedom: for touch-enabled devices with the freedom to create products that seamlessly integrate into any shape or form. From innovative curved displays to sleek foldable gadgets.

✅ Enhanced Functionality: Our touch sensors offer high conductivity. Users can enjoy glove and pen functionality, making interactions smoother and more intuitive.

As we move towards a more touch-centric world, we believe that the future lies in seamless interactions that blend effortlessly with our daily lives.

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