Leveraging ColdForm™ Technology from Corning

Automotive interior curved display modules made possible by Corning® AutoGrade™ Gorilla® Glass and ColdForm™ Technology. The evolution of displays in car interiors mirrors that of consumer electronics, as users desire large, curved, immersive, and interactive screens.

VIA optronics and Corning have formed a partnership to meet this demand with Corning's patented AutoGrade™ Gorilla® Glass and ColdForm™ Technology innovation.

Corning’s ColdForm™ Technology uses optimized processes to bend and hold glass into its final shape at room temperature. Effectively reducing cost, energy spend, and waste compared to alternative solutions. VIA's collaboration with Corning and implementation of the cutting-edge technology provides customers with the ability to design and introduce the most advanced curved glass interior displays and touch solutions.

The first large-scale production of a curved display with Corning AutoGrade™ Gorilla® Glass and ColdForm™ Technology started in 2019 at VIA's production site in Suzhou, China. Meanwhile, VIA established a second ColdForm™ Technology production line at its headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany.

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