Maximum Flexibility Thanks to Modern Technology: VIA´s Interactive Display Systems for Automotive

Cockpit of the Future Automotive Display Solution from VIA optronics

Maximum Flexibility Thanks to Modern Technology - VIA´s Interactive Display Systems for Automotive

Interior design is the big differentiator in modern era of car manufacturing. The cockpit of the vehicle is one of the most important design aspects. And displays are indispensable for information, safety, and entertainment. Elegant and seamless design is achieved when the various display elements are optimally blended into the holistic appearance.

VIA optronics has the in-house expertise to offer astonishing design freedom without limitation.

With our patented Optical Bonding process, we are able to bond numerous displays behind one cover glass. Achieving the beloved seamless look and feel!

Leveraging Corning’s ColdForm™ Technology, additional curved applications can be realized in many possible form factors (e.g. V- and S-shaped).

Our foldable and bendable Metal-Mesh-Touchsensors can easily be integrated in such curved Interactive Display Systems. This gives our customers maximum flexibility in the display and interior design!

The Interactive Display System are the visual interface between the driver, passenger and the digital driving experience. Open the gateway to the digital world!

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