VIA x Antolin - Strategic partnership

VIA optronics and Antolin Cooperation - Cockpit of the Future

VIA optronics announces a strategic collaboration with Antolin

The companies intend to use their combined expertise and capabilities to design, develop, and produce innovative integrated display systems for vehicle interiors including cockpits, floor consoles, and seat headrests. Additionally, the collaboration plans to jointly provide high-end solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Through this collaboration, Antolin will leverage VIA’s expertise in optical bonding, touch sensing solutions, and camera modules in the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics industries. The companies will aim to provide a wide range of interactive display solutions that provide improved visual performance, enhanced touch sensitivity, and improved integration within the vehicle's interior. The companies believe these advances will enable car makers to create more intuitive and engaging user interfaces, and, in turn, enable exceptional driving experiences for their customers.

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