Driving Safety and Innovation with Advanced Camera Solutions by VIA optronics

ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, refers to the advanced technologies designed to assist drivers in the driving process.

These systems use sensors, cameras, and algorithms to enhance vehicle safety and improve driving experience by providing alerts, warnings, and automated interventions when necessary.

We are in the midst of transformative megatrends shaping the automotive and industrial sectors. From the rise of autonomous driving and the increasing connectivity of mobility solutions to the prioritization of safety measures and evolving government regulations, the landscape is evolving rapidly.

At VIA optronics, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient camera solutions in this dynamic environment. We offer the right camera solutions tailored to meet the diverse requirements of the automotive and industrial sectors, ensuring optimal performance and safety for every application.

Explore our range of standard camera modules and discover how VIA optronics can empower your journey towards a safer and smarter future on the road and beyond.

Standard Camera Portfolio

Exceptional Standard. Flexible Options.

Front View or E-Mirror

Narrow FOV (60,6°) Camera

Front View or E-Mirror

Wide FOV (117°) Camera

Surround View or Rear View

Ultrawide FOV (198°) Camera

The Key Features of Our Standard Camera Portfolio

Shaping the Future with Cutting-Edge Technology

Extremely Robust


  • IP69K ingress protection rating
  • High temperature range (Operating temperature: -40°C/+80°C)
  • Shock and vibration-resistant and thus optimal for use in the automotive and industrial sector

Functional Safety and Cyber Security

  • Provides design methodology that supports functional safety standards under ISO-26262 that meet customer target safety goals
  • Selection of key components like image sensors that support cybersecurity feature

Standard Camera Housing Designs

  • Pre-developed housing designs that can be used for different sensor, serializer and lens options for faster time to market requirements
  • Pre-validated for automotive applications
  • Existing production tooling, including jigs and fixtures for assembly

Flexible Lens Options


  • Integration of standard M12 lenses for different applications
  • Pre-validated lens options available
  • Custom lens design capability working together with lens partners to meet specific optical requirements

Why is a Lens for Automotive Camera so Important?

A lens is important for automotive cameras because:

  • Its performance characteristics combined with the image sensor determines the overall performance of the camera module
  • It is responsible for focusing the light to image sensor
  • Selection of lens “Optical Zoom Factor” (aka HFOV Horizontal Field of View) determines the optical view for particular applications
  • High performance lens design delivers superior image quality enabling higher system performance

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