Outstanding Camera Technology from Concept to Series Production

VIA optronics competently accompanies the complete process of New Product Implementation (NPI). From the development of the design to the production of the camera solution, we are a competent partner. Our company offers optimal conditions for test and system development as well as for the planning of manufacturing processes.

Development. Fast and Effective.

Our camera design and development team stand for fast and continuous development work. As an alternative to customized solutions, VIA optronics offers individually adaptable reference designs based on our platform camera modules for internal and external applications. In addition, new camera variants are constantly being developed to effectively serve our customers' increasing demand for camera solutions.

Key Features of Our Camera Technology

VIA optronics' camera technology meets the highest customer demands. Based on this technology, we develop and manufacture state-of-the-art camera solutions for ADAS (Advances Driver Assistance Systems), Rear View or Surround View systems. Tailor-made according to customer-specific requirements.

Technical Highlights:

VIA optronics Bare Die Sensor
VIA optronics Packaged Sensor
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VIA optronics Bare Die Sensor
VIA optronics Packaged Sensor
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Bare Die Sensor Design

  • Reduced effects of stray light as well as improved performance in stray light conditions
  • Improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio by ~ 5%.
  • Better sensor sensitivity in low light, especially under extreme operating temperatures

6-axis Active Alignment

With the active focus and alignment station and the 6-axis manipulator (30 nm per step), the image sensor board is adjusted relative to the lens and the front housing. This allows the optimal focus position of the image on the image sensor to be determined. The advantages:

  • Our internally developed camera system allows for flexible switching between camera modules and thus faster turnaround times.
  • Centers the image on the sensor.
  • Ensures optimal focus throughout the image for maximum image quality.
  • Minimizes yield loss due to misalignment of lens and sensor.
  • Maximizes throughput.

Effective Defrosting

  • The heating element of the camera lens is integrated into the lens stack. This allows the lens to defrost without heating up the entire camera module and without the need for an additional cover outside the assembly. As soon as electric current flows through the heating element, it generates heat.

At a Glance


Space saving outline dimension and ultra-lightweight design including using bare die instead of housed sensors

Ingress protection, high dynamic range (HDR), low light performance, long working distance, flare reduction, and defrosting

Bare Die Sensor:

Reduced effects of image flare and improved stray light performance

Better low light sensitivity especially at extreme operating temperatures

6-axis Active Alignment:

Flexible adjustment of lens and image sensor for maximum image quality


Enables the defrosting of the lens

without heating up the complete camera module

without an additional cover outside the assembly