Camera Solutions from VIA optronics

Whether for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for cars, surround view systems for agricultural equipment or surveillance systems on a ship – VIA optronics offer the right camera solutions for all requirements in the automotive or industrial sectors. In combination with integrated, camera-enhanced, and interactive displays.


From Concept to Series

VIA optronics competently accompanies the complete process of New Product Implementation (NPI) - from the development of the design to the production of the camera solution. In our company, we offer optimal conditions for test and system development as well as the planning of manufacturing processes.  Our platform camera modules offer an alternative to customized solutions. Used as a reference design, the modules can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

Applications in the Exterior of the Vehicle

Cyclists in the blind spot, cars in the immediate vicinity, unintentional lane changes on the roadway: with our camera solutions based on the platform for exterior applications, nothing remains hidden.

The advanced, clear visualization and warning function of external monitoring systems ensures safety and comfort.

Typical Applications for the Exterior of the Vehicle

  • Rear view
  • Surround View Monitoring (SVM)
  • E-Mirror/Mirror Replacement System (CMS)
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Applications in the Interior of the Vehicle

The powerful camera solutions based on the platform for interior applications reliably register signs of distraction, fatigue or other reactions in drivers and passengers.

Typical Applications the Interior of the Vehicle:

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
  • Passenger Monitoring
  • Occupant Monitoring System (OMS)
  • Front sensing
  • Face recognition
Interior View

Advanced Camera Solutions & Systems

Exterior Automotive Grade Camera Solution

For exterior camera design for CMS/Mirror Replacement and Surround View Monitoring Applications

  • Image sensors with high resolution
  • FPD-Link III serializers accommodate the increase in video bandwidth
  • Small form factor: 23.92 mm x 23.40 mm x 20.50 mm (excluding lens and flanges)
  • IP69K rating
  • Built-in MCU for initialization
  • Wide range of lenses available

Interior Automotive Grade Camera Solution

For in-cabin camera Driver Monitoring Sensor and Occupant Detection System Applications

  • Image sensors with high resolution
  • Very small form factor: 12.3 mm x 12.8 mm x 10.53 mm (excluding flex, flange, and lens)
  • Ultra-lightweight < 10 g (excluding lens)
  • Perfect 6-axis camera axis alignment
  • Connected to the ECU through a short flex tail with a ZIF
  • Wide range of lenses available

Shaping the Future with Cutting-Edge Technology: The Key Features of Our Camera Solutions

VIA optronics' camera solutions are always based on the latest technical developments - from the idea to series production. Our customers benefit from this:

State-Of-The-Art Camera Solutions for Interactive Display Systems (IDS)

  • More safety outside and inside the vehicle through a variety of camera applications and combinations (e.g. driver monitoring, surround view monitoring, e-mirror)

Unique User Experience

  • More comfort for driver and passengers through intuitive interfaces

Rapid Product Development and Easy Customization

  • Individually adaptable reference designs enable shorter development times
  • Continuous further developments constantly expand the portfolio with new product variants
  • Configurable optics, electronics and mechanics

Tailor-Made for the Requirements in the Automotive and Industrial Sectors

  • Space-saving and ultra-light
  • No ingress of dust, dirt and water
  • High dynamic range (HDR)
  • Powerful even in low light conditions
  • Long working distance
  • Reduced stray light
  • Reliable defrosting

Excellent Thermal Management:

  • Housing acts as a powerful heat sink for internal components of the camera
  • Use even at higher temperatures due to passive cooling

Extremely Robust

  • Shock-, vibration- and temperature-resistant and thus optimal for use in the automotive/industrial sector

At a Glance

Fast and continuous development

Easy customization

Compact design

Excellent thermal management

Robust – extreme shock, vibration and temperature resistance