Unique User Experience. With Display Solutions by VIA optronics.

Display solutions from VIA optronics perfect the communication between man and machine. The customised display solutions meet the highest customer demands for the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics sectors. For example, solutions for the automotive sector include displays for navigation, instrument clusters, rear-seat entertainment, and infotainment systems. The industrial sector includes rugged laptops, marine navigation systems, agricultural equipment and interactive displays for conference rooms. Consumer electronics applications include solutions for notebooks, tablets and all-in-one monitors.

VIA’s solutions for automotive applications include navigation displays, instrument clusters, rear-seat entertainment and infotainment systems, and interactive display systems.

Solutions for industrial applications include displays for ruggedized laptops, marine navigational systems and fish finders, agricultural equipment, surround views, digital signage, and interactive conference room displays. Consumer applications include solutions for notebooks, tablets, and all-in-one monitors.

Flexible for the Highest Customer Demands

Small to large format display solutions and display systems of the highest quality - that's what VIA optronics stands for. We rely on our patented process for optical bonding including proprietary bonding material as well as our copper-metal mesh touch sensor technology. We offer display solutions for different form factors and the ability to work with any other material including glass, PMMA or PC for cover lenses. These include curved displays including curved cover lenses and two or more displays bonded to a cover lens. On this basis, VIA optronics develops and produces customised display solutions and display systems. They can be individually and effortlessly integrated into newly developed or existing application environments. Our customers benefit in particular from our production capabilities for touch sensors for touch displays, backlight units and mechanical components. Thus, we offer a broad product portfolio. It ranges from touch panel assemblies and LCD touch assemblies to display head assemblies (DHA) and hinge-up monitors.  

Due to our flexible, semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines in Germany and China, we can respond to any request. No matter whether low or high volume. We also cover the entire necessary spectrum for environmental qualifications and testing requirements in our own laboratories.

Key Features of Our Display Solutions

The display solutions by VIA optronics are the basis of HMI in the respective application areas. These are their strengths:

Optical Bonding Technology – For All Formats

  • VIA optronics meets the demand for optical bonding of displays up to 84 inches and larger. We have developed innovative production processes for this purpose. Modern production facilities for medium to high volumes guarantee reliable, stable and efficient manufacturing.

Copper Metal Mesh Touch Sensor Technology - Flexible, Bendable, Individual

  • Due to their bendable design, copper metal mesh touch sensors are also suitable for flexible, foldable and curved touch display solutions. The high conductivity of our touch sensors also enables active and passive stylus functions. Operation with gloves is also possible, even with large-format applications.

Multi Display Bonding - Also for Special Form Factors

VIA optronics meets the requirements for more design freedom, especially for the automotive sector. Our effective processes make it possible to bond multiple displays to one cover lens. Independent of form factors, i.e. also optical bonding of curved displays on curved cover lenses. For this, we use the ColdForm™ technology of our partner Corning® for displays for the interior of vehicles.

Multi Display Solutions Especially for the Automotive Sector

The faster digitalization advances, the more important cleverly designed displays become. This is particularly evident in the automotive sector. Increasingly more useful information provides a completely new and safe driving experience, but also requires correspondingly powerful interfaces. This is where VIA optronics' multi-display solutions score: with more depth and across the full (cockpit) width, perfectly interwoven individual displays interact with their operators. They combine touch functions with three-dimensional elements and guarantee an intuitive user experience.

At a Glance

Individual: Display solutions based on a wide variety of forms, functions and technologies

Cross-sectoral: Depending on requirements for the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics sectors

Flexible: Optical bonding and display finishing for all display shapes and sizes, from 1 inch up to diagonal sizes of 84 inches and more.