Fully Customized Interactive Display Systems

VIA optronics Interactive Display Systems (IDS) combine system design, interactive displays, software functionality and other hardware components.

An Interactive Display System is comprised of several elements: displays, camera module, touchsensors and ECU. We are able to design and produce display solutions, camera modules and touch sensors in-house and perform any related optical bonding processes necessary to manufacture the Interactive Display System (IDS).

Having its own R&D capability, engineering, material development and system integration, VIA optronics provides interactive display systems that are fully customized and perfectly adjusted to the requirements of the application specifications.

In-House Expertise in All Key Technologies for Interactive Display Systems

Whether for Mirror Replacement, Driver Monitoring Systems, Camera Management Systems, or other applications in the automotive, industrial, or consumer markets, VIA optronics has the technology and expertise to bring vision to reality.

Display Solutions

  • Patented bonding process and proprietary material
  • Sunlight readability
  • Meets the environmental requirements in the automotive sector and beyond

For Interaction: Touchsensor

  • High conductivity
  • High precision
  • Function with pen, gloves, as well as gesture, hovering and approach functions

See and Sense Devices: Camera

  • Interior & exterior application
  • Focus automotive and transportation
  • Future-oriented manufacturing solutions with "Bare Die”

For Processing: Systems

  • Integrated solutions
  • Display & camera matched performance
  • User interface and applications such as object recognition

At a Glance

VIA Customized Systems with Key Components

LCD by Specification

Customized Glass or Plastic Cover Lens

Customized Mechanical Assembly Including Backlight Assembly

Unique Metal Mesh Touch Sensor Technology for Unlimited Design Freedom

Cameras for Interior and exterior applications


Customized Mechanical and Electrical Interface Based on System Requirements

Compatible Electromechanical Interconnects to Existing Systems


Metal Mesh Touch Sensor Technology for Large Size, Flexible, Foldable and Curved Application, Stylus-Enabled and Curved Applications

Patented Optical Bonding Technology e.g. for Every Form Factor

Camera Technology e.g. for ADAS