Optimal Readability of Displays in Sunlight.

left: without optical bonding, right: with optical bonding

Excellent readability of displays plays an important role in all areas of application. They must have a high contrast ratio and ideally be easy to read even in sunlight. VIA optronics offers the solution with the patented MaxVU™ process for optical bonding and the proprietary material VIA bond plus.

Bonding material and process are perfectly matched and adaptable to all designs of cover lenses, touch panels and displays. The optically bonded display solutions and systems eliminate all internal reflections. The result: high contrast ratio and exceptional readability in sunlight, while providing mechanical stability and preventing moisture particles between the display layers.

Slim Designs. Flexible Applications.

The tremendous mechanical stability provided by our optical bonding allows for higher HIT performance with less pressure on the LCD. In addition, VIA optronics optical bonding effectively prevents moisture or particles between the individual display layers. It is perfect for slim product designs and foldable or curved displays.

MaxVU™: For Maximum Performance. For All Types of Displays

Using our patented MaxVU™ optical bonding process, our VIA bond plus bonding material is applied to the touch panel or cover lens. Pre-cured to a soft, jelly-like layer, it is then laminated to the display.

Pre-curing works with MaxVU™ at room temperature. Independent of any particular mechanism. Optical bonding does not require any mechanical force. Therefore, it is ideally suited for all types of displays. Including mura-sensitive displays.

Precise Processes for Individual Customer Requirements

MaxVU™ is suitable for all display applications. Whether low or high volumes are required. VIA optronics works with manual, semi-automatic and fully automated processes and systems. These can be individually adapted to our customers' requirements using product-specific tools.

In combination with VIA bond plus, MaxVU™ cures without external activation (such as by UV light). This allows the curing time for complete self-curing of the bonding material to be precisely controlled.

Perfect Processes for Perfect Performance:
The Key Features of MaxVU™

The patented MaxVU™ optical bonding process from VIA optronics impresses with maximum performance and minimal side effects. The advantages

  • Fewer internal reflections within the display
  • Very thin bonding lines for ultra-slim applications
  • Excellent control of bonding line width as well as tolerances
  • Fully reworkable
  • High process and production yield
  • Avoidance of optical side effects (e.g. glow marks, mura effect and other possible visual LCD defects and artefacts)

VIA bond plus.
For Perfect Excellent Readability. Permanent.

VIA bond plus is our proprietary silicone-based optical bonding material. The inorganic two-component system meets the requirements for highly reliable, robust and optically enhanced display solutions.

Optical Bonding with the Plus:
The Key Features of VIA bond plus

Compared to other optical bonding materials such as acrylates or epoxies, VIA bond plus is convincing all along the line. The advantages

  • Clear, transparent, and non-yellowing
  • Anti-reflective (reflection loss < 1 %)
  • Fully reworkable (production and field)
  • Non-shrinking (< 0.1 %)
  • Extremely adhesive
  • No external activators required
  • Very thin bond lines possible
  • Overall slim product design possible
  • Also for flexible applications (bendable, foldable, curved)
  • Does not release volatile components
  • Remains soft and flexible after curing due to excellent adhesion properties
  • Highly stable at extreme temperatures
  • Adjustable hardness
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

At a Glance

When optical bonding with VIA optronics, our customers benefit from the advantages of our patented MaxVU™ bonding process and the outstanding properties of our VIA bond plus bonding material.

Sunlight Readability: outstanding readability of display in sunlight

Flexible: slim product designs also for curved or foldable displays

Robust: convincing for long-life display applications

Quantities: perfect processes for small and large quantities