Outstanding Copper Metal Mesh Technology

Our copper-metal mesh touch sensors for PCAP (projected capacitive) touch applications offer high-precision touch performance. Also enabling pen and glove functionality as well as gesture, hovering and proximity functions.

High Conductivity

Having long been standard in the IT and consumer electronics sectors, touch applications are also conquering the automotive and industrial fields. To achieve the best results here, VIA optronics and its subsidiary in Japan, VTS Touchsensor Co., rely on copper metal mesh touch sensor technology. The touch sensors are characterized above all by their high resolution and conductivity.

The production of the sensors is based on a roll-to-roll production process with copper as the optimal material. In this process, a fine metal grid is applied to a transparent film. This can be laminated onto any material and any cover lens shape.

Flexible. Bendable. Individual.

Due to their flexible design, copper metal mesh touch sensors are also suitable for flexible, foldable, and curved applications. In addition, there are touch applications in areas outside the display. The high conductivity of our touch sensors also enables active and passive stylus functions. Operation with gloves is also possible, even for large-format applications.

Touch Applications in Perfection:
The Key Features of Our Copper-Metal-Mesh Touch Sensor Technology.

VIA optronics' copper-metal mesh touch sensor technology is ideally suited for the most important display trends. It supports flat, curved and flexible displays and enables pen and glove operation. Slim bezels, tactile surface haptics, multi-touch and oversized touchscreens are easily possible.

Best Performance with Gloves

Developed for Use under Extreme Conditions

  • Our touch sensors are already used in rugged computers designed for gloved use in extreme environments.
  • The lower surface resistance of our touch sensors makes it easier to configure the touch IC firmware. This enables glove performance in automotive applications.

Excellent Sunlight Suitability

  • Various factors contribute to good readability in sunlight. These include backlight brightness, cover lens coatings (e.g. AR, AG), index matching (e.g. optical bonding) and choice of stack-up materials. Our touch sensors based on copper metal mesh touch sensor technology significantly improve visibility in sunlight by minimizing reflection and haze while maximizing transmission.

Use with Polarized Sunglasses

  • The "birefringence" of PET-based touch sensors can lead to a "rainbow effect" on the display when viewed through polarized sunglasses. This phenomenon is eliminated with our COP-based metal mesh sensors.
top: without COP-based metal mesh sensors, bottom: with COP-based metal mesh sensors

At a Glance

Compatible with IML processes for contoured touch surfaces

COP-based sensors available

The low resistance of the VTS metal mesh touch sensors enables both single routing and thin traces (15μm / 20μm) for a slim bezel while maintaining outstanding touch performance.

Copper metal mesh touch sensor technology allows the trend towards narrow frames from the consumer electronics sector to be adopted for vehicle displays.

Tactical surface haptics possible from 5 to 55 inches

Best possible mesh size of 3µm

Active pen functionality (e.g. Microsoft, Wacom)

Customer-oriented design

Narrow edges

Flexible and curved applications possible

Inmold labelling possible

3D design