Leading-edge optical bonding and metal mesh sensor technology

No optical bonding vs. optical bonding

Light reflects on surfaces each time it changes mediums - such as glass-to-air or air-to-glass. Additionally, each surface creates a reflective loss, depending on the index of refraction of the materials facing each other. The higher the reflective loss, the lower the contrast ratio of the display.





VIA optronics addresses this challenge with its patented MaxVU™ optical bonding process and proprietary VIA bond plus material. Bonding material and process are perfectly matched and adjustable to all types of cover lenses, touchpanels and display types.  


The optical bonded display solutions and systems eliminate all internal reflection resulting in high contrast ratio and exceptional sunlight readability while enabling mechanical stability and avoiding entrapment of moisture or particles in between the display layers.


Besides optical bonding, VIA optronics display solutions and systems feature copper metal mesh touch sensors. VIA optronics is leveraging the technology from its subsidiary VTS Touchsensor Co. Ltd., which offers market leading copper metal mesh sensor technology with high conductivity, flexibility, bendability and ultra-fine mesh. Thus, flexible, curved and large size applications, including glove and pen functionality, can be enabled.  


Patented dry bonding process.

see MaxVUTM

VIA bond plus

Proprietary silicon based optical bonding material.

see Via Bond plus

Copper Metal Mesh

VTS Touchsensor Co., Ltd technology for PCAP applications.

see Copper Metal Mesh

Camera Technology

Camera Technology for exterior and interrior Applications

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