MiniCube – Features at a glance


For exterior camera design for CMS/Mirror Replacement and Surround View Monitoring Applications.

  • Image sensors with high resolution:
    Sony 2MP (IMX390) / ST 2MP (VG6768 with STV0971 ISP)
  • FPD-Link III serializers accommodate the increase in video bandwidth
  • Small form factor: 23.92 x 23.40 x 20.50 (excluding lens and flanges)
  • IP69K rating
  • Built-in MCU for initialization (VIA2CAM10200 only)
  • Integrated FAKRA connector for connection to the ECU wire harness

MicroCube – Features at a glance


New design variant for in-cabin camera Driver Monitoring Sensor and Occupant Detection System Applications.

  • Image sensors with high resolution:
    ST 2.3MP (VG5761, VD5761) / ONSEMI 1.2MP (AR0135) or 2.3MP (AR0234) with superior low light and IR performance
  • Very small form factor: 12.3 x 12.8 x 10.53 (excluding flex, flange, and lens)
  • Ultra-lightweight < 10 g (excluding lens)
  • Perfect 6-axis camera axis alignment
  • Connected to the ECU through a short flex tail with a ZIF